It was mid to late afternoon when a knock at the door alarmed me.  I was excited cause I thought someone had found our little dog and was returning him. I ran to the front door without thinking and just opened it. There stood a young man covered in blood. He was large in statue and I couldn’t see around him in case danger had followed him. I immediately closed the door and started screaming to Granddaughter and Husband to get towels. The young man slightly pushed open the door and said, “please help me and called 911”. I pushed him back out onto the porch and my husband took charge while I headed to the phone to call 911. My granddaughter started past me and ask if she could use the towel she had found and tear it long ways in half. I told her yes and she quickly ran outside. I called 911 and remember them asking what my emergency was. I told her but she was not giving me the information I needed to help the young man. I kept screaming where I was and getting transferred to someone else again. At that time I had no idea that my house phone was still considered a cell phone and had transferred me to several parishes trying to find us. I continued to tell them the address and asking how to stop the bleeding. Finally I told the operator I had to hang up and go to the man. She didn’t want me to hang up but I had to help the young man. I took my cell phone with me and started outside on the porch. Gary went to the road to show ambulance how to get to us. My granddaughter and I talked to the young man asking him questions on how this happened to him. We kept him talking and awake. I looked down and saw that my granddaughter had taken that strip of towel and made a tourniquet just above the elbow and above the area that had slashes. I told her to keep checking the arm for circulation. We continued to talk to the young man keeping his mind off the problem at hand. We live in the country and any medical help would be 30 minutes or more to get to us. He told us this was the third place that someone was home and that he had already lost a lot of blood. I knew if we didn’t get help soon this young man would die. Then he said, “I feel like I’m going to faint.” His head fell back and I heard the death rattle. Oh my gosh this man is going to die and now. Oh no I said or as my husband said, I started screaming. We screamed for him to get back to us soon we needed his help to get the young man out of the chair and onto the porch to start CPR probably soon. Then my granddaughter started holding his head up and it fell forward and no sound. I had been talking to 911 when the young man started the death rattle. I threw the phone down on porch and started helping my granddaughter  with him. I began to pray out loud the words, “In The Name of Jesus, your not going to die today.”
Then all I could think to pray was The Lord’s Prayer really loud. Begging The Lord to bring him back. All three of us, mainly my granddaughter got him to the porch to get him on his back and administer CPR. When we placed him on the porch on his back he gasped for air and was back with us. I thought to myself we are still in danger because the ambulance or police had not arrived to help us. Sometime in all the confusion I had called the man next door to come and help. When the man came to, the first thing I ask him was, “do you know Jesus.” He replied to yes. I just felt like being a Christian that I needed to get that area taken care of in case he was to leave us again. My neighbor got there and started helping us with him. It was about 90 something degrees outside and the man was thirsty, hot and sweating. My neighbor said go inside and get ice so we can cool him down some. Most of the times cooling someone down after losing this much blood would be bad but we needed his body temperature to get down some to slow the blood flow. He complained about being thirsty but we couldn’t give him anything because all the blood lose and we could not be sure what had happened and if there was any other injuries. We just used ice to cool the skin down. Finally the police arrived. Neither of them were prepared to look upon all the blood loss from this young man. My granddaughter continued to keep pressure on the arm continually checking out the bleeding. The officer ask her to expose the area for him to see and I think both officers were about to faint. Several deep slashes with the skin in pieces with the vein exposed. The man said he had gotten mad at his mother over the phone and when he got off he hit a glass window. This had caused the injury. The officer recognized my grandaughter from 6 months before when he didn't arrest her and gave her a chance to straighten up from drugs and alcohol. He told her that the girl he knew then could have never have done what she had done today. He ask about who applied the tourniquet and she replied that she did. She would not leave his side until the ambulance got there. They took over and started IV fluids and wrapping the arm. The young man was so large they ask him if he felt strong enough to sit up and he did.
Then they ask if he could stand up and them assist him to stretcher. He was able to stand. They took him to the hospital and the officers told us how to clean the porch of the blood and for us to get cleaned up. Our neighbor soon after left and my husband started cleaning porch. My granddaughter and I went in to talk about what had just happened. I ask her did she recognize a difference in this man before and after he died for a few seconds. She replied yes. It was like he had changed somehow. My husband had come in by that time and my granddaughter headed off to bathroom for a bath to get cleaned up from the blood. It wasn’t long and she began to scream come here quick. I thought of what now. She was in the tub and covered and ask me to look at her leg on the top. Look Mom it’s an imprint of an angel. Sure enough it was. Oh my gosh. This was the knee that she had rested herself on for 45 minutes helping the young man that she would not leave until she knew he would be okay. I took a picture of it. It didn’t hit me until later that it was on the top side not on bottom side where that part had been resting on porch. This was for her so The Lord would let her know she would be okay too. My husband and I got cleaned up. Later that night I called the hospital to find the young man to talk to. I wanted to just hear his voice and know he was going to be okay. I talked to him and ask how much blood did he have to have when he got to hospital. He said I didn’t have to get any. He couldn’t remember too much about what happened but he was so glad to hear from me. I got off the phone and talked to my husband and granddaughter. No blood was given to him at hospital. This man had the porch covered, his clothing was soaked, shoes filled, maybe three large towels soaked and had walked 4 houses from us uphill, stopping at two other places leaving blood everywhere. Then it hit me. This boy did die and The Lord gave him, his blood back when he came back. That is why he didn’t need blood at the hospital. We experienced a miracle right before our eyes. The next night I called his mother’s number and she talked to me on how her son was doing. She had been working that day and didn’t make it to hospital when he was transferred to a hospital a hundred miles away for surgery. She is a Christian woman and has been concerned about her son’s anger. She ask if we could all get together and she could cook us a meal. I told her we would get together with them soon. Well I text the man a few days later to see how he was and he called and ask if he could walk up and see us. I said yes and was surprised he could walk up the hill after surgery. I was getting ready to go somewhere, I was in the bathroom when he knocked at the door. My husband came to the door where I was and said he is here. I dropped everything including not finishing my makeup on my face. My husband told me later that the look on my face of happiness was so great when I almost ran to the living room to see him. I hugged him and I just had to touch him to see that he was okay. There is a connection between the person that you watch die before you and The Lord bring them back to you. You can’t explain it. We sat on the couch. My granddaughter came into the room and we started letting him know gently what had happened to him. Then I saw the gospel tract that my dad had given to us to give out years ago on a shelf. I got one and then showed him my Spiritual paintings that The Lord has lead me to paint. He looked up at the wall and said I want to buy that painting. I told him I could get him a copy cause it wasn’t for sale yet. It was my Transfiguration of Jesus Christ painting. This young man had been transformed that day by Jesus Christ, I have no doubt. A few days later he returned with his mother and cousin to meet us and I had him a copy of the painting he wanted. This has truly changed our lives and has showed us how precious life is.