Thy Will Be Done

This that I am writing to you all, I guess is to tell you that somewhere along the line

something in my prayer life changed. I believe in Jesus Christ and He is my Saviour from

this evil world. Years ago when I was brought into the Bowman family it was chosen by

the Lord for me to be there. I remember early on in my life that mother was sick a lot.

She had something that caused her to get sick a lot. She was strong and you never knew

how much pain she suffered. She was one of the bravest women that I have ever met. I

always prayed and cared for her growing up. It was just something that I did without

thinking. I always prayed in my life to the Lord for Him to heal whoever I was praying

for. As time passed, I would start hearing the prayers of others "Thy Will Be Done".

I would get upset a little thinking that wasn't it the Lord's Will that everyone be healed?

Then after several close Christian friends of mine had passed away and other upsetting

things in my life were going on, I thought maybe my praying was wrong. It is the Lord's Will that

everyone be healed from sickness or He would not have died on that cross. He has risen

and the Holy Spirit is here to dwell in His children. Through a lot of illness in the

past year, tonight it hit me that when I said, "Thy Will Be Done", I had lost something.

What I lost was my believing that the Lord would heal or help others. I watched what the

Lord did for mother several times that were miracles after miracles were prefornedth. I believe that it

is important that you pray and believe that the Lord will answer your prayers because He

will. The night that mother went to be with Jesus, it was her time to go with Him and He

took her home with Him. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with saying it but don't

forget to believe He will heal or answer your prayers. The Lord has unconditional love

for all of us. I've seen so much in my life, emotional, physical, pain of others and

myself. I do not believe the Lord will watch the destruction of this world much longer.

So if you are thinking tonight about what you need to do about your life, then get right

where you are and except Jesus as your Saviour repent from your sins and saved sinners that

stayed from the Lord, repent and ask for forgiveness. Then look to the ones who have that

unconditional love that the Lord has given them for your guidence along with the Lord. There is

nothing that you can't be forgiven for and move forward right then in your life.

So my prayers from now own will go back to believing that the Lord will answer my

prayers and if He takes some one home, then that was His Superior Knowledge of the

future for that person. That then is or was the Will of the Lord. Don't stop believing.