This is a story of my singing career. I can alway remember loving music and loving to sing. I remember riding to Natchez, Ms. on the weekends with the family. Dad and mom both loved to sing. They would start with a gospel song. Dad was bass, mom was alto, my brother was tenor and I was soprano. This was before my sister was born who sings alto or 2nd soprano. We would sing almost the entire trip. Then as time went on, I would practice from a record player opera music from "Madam Butterfly" that was awesome. I guess it was in Italian but I loved it and sang it. At that time, I probably had a range of 6 or more octives. I was in the youth choir at church. I was ask to sing a song called "The Nail Scared Hands". As I sang the song the words and music moved me to tears. No one at that time got me to continue. I sat down and the fright of singing to a crowd hit me hard. I couldn't have been but about 12 years old. I continued to sing in the choir but I continued to work with my voice on my own. I practiced my singing in the morning songs waiting for the bus to pick me up for school. Years passed and I got married then later had 2 sons. I sang around the house all the time. At night, would sing getting them to sleep a melody of differnt songs. Christmas was always my favorite time for singing. Every night I would sing to everyone before we went to sleep. Then one day at work one of my friends ask me to come and audition for the Dixe Jamboree. I had gotten the name at work as the singing beutician. I told her, no I can't do that cause I would die. Not literally but I was so afraid. I think it was that I didn't want to be rejected again. Now, I was 36 years old. I went to the audition and started singing the song "Sweet Dreams" that I had practiced. After I sang just a little, the lady stopped me. Oh no I thought, not again. I ask what did I do wrong? She said nothing young lady but I would love for you to be here on Saturday night ready to sing two songs on this stage. My fright was gone and finally I could be able to pour my heart out after all those years. You can go to YouTube where I have an account under Betty Bowman. There are a little over 100 videos. I will have more to share with you on my singing.