Paintings 2013-2014

This is an introduction of how my "Biblical Paintings in 2013-2014" got started.
This would be a difficult year of struggling through 3 strokes. The Lord inspired
me to start a series of paintings that would help me through my struggles.

1) "The Transfiguration of Jesus" is stated in the Bible in Matthew 17:1-13. After reading
these scriptures, this was my interpretation of what it might have been like in those days.  
As I was painting the white area above the main cloud in the painting, I turned the painting
to the side and added more white. Then I took my painting and ask my granddaughter how
the painting was looking. She ask me how I painted the angels in this area. I just looked at
her and told her to go back to sleep. Then I returned the painting back on the chair to dry.
In about 10 minutes, I walked through the room and looked back at my painting and there
were the angelic beings she had told me about earlier. I was amazed and had my thoughts
about why they were there. The painting took longer that I thought it would but that was
okay. This was done in acrylics and it is difficult to paint people at this size. I find that
painting people are easier to do in oils.
2) "Heaven" was a vision of what I thought it looked like. I had fond memories of Bible
readings from my Father each night and was trying to picture what Heaven might look like.
After my cousin saw my finished painting of Heaven, he ask me to type a description of
how I painted it. He told me that I had moved into a new area of painting. It was almost an
abstract interpretation of Heaven. This is how it goes,
     In my mind, I could see a structure just inside the streets of gold. I took a pencil and
ruler to a canvas. I started drawing the plans that I could see in my mind of what was to
become my painting of "Heaven". The structure inside was originally drawn solid.
Everything seemed to need to be exact to me because it was Heaven. Then only after I got
the walls and gate painted did I realize it was too narrow. If you shut the gate then it would
not be right but the gates are open to all to go to Heaven yet the path is narrow as we know
it says in the Bible. The four clouds above Heaven at the upper edge ended up starting the
formation of the angel even before I knew it. Then the path had to be white because people
who claimed to go to Heaven and come back, speak of a white tunnel or path. Then the
direction of my mind went to the clouds at the outside at the bottom of the painting. I painted
three clouds but don't know why until now. Might be for the Trinity. My mind saw green
grass and colors of flowers everywhere below the gates. I had only a bright green in my
mind for a long time. Then I started painting the flowers. Tried the grass area but had
problems. Then I started painting individual pieces of grass, one stroke at a time. I thought
of God creating the earth and how it could have been. He was so exact and perfect with
everything. It also took a lot of patience to paint one blade of grass at a time. I think He
must have been trying to teach me this. I don't have any patience at all or at least I complain
about it. The trees I'm not sure of that. The grass looked like the wind was blowing on it.
I was thinking that Heaven could be suspended on clouds and the ground under it would be
soft and not like the earth surface. The angel got its head after my art friend and I kept seeing
something missing in the painting. I text her and she said your angel needs a neck and head.
Then I saw it. Then the throne room to the Almighty had an entrance. 2 Cor. 5:6-8, as my
scripture would be to let the people know that being absent from the body as a Christian is
to be present with the Lord. My husband told me not to put people in this painting. The focus
is that Heaven is magnificent and we do not really know except what we read in the Bible
about things. We don't really know what it really looks like or the Almighty looks like
until we get there in His presence. Just pure and white and bright and beautiful. I also weeks
later found in the Bible in Zechariah 4:2-14 that the two trees in my picture of Heaven were
Olive trees. They are prophetic symbols of the two anointed ones. This was awesome how
I found it searching for the information to paint the "Tribulation".
3) I'm working on the "Rapture" that will come from a statement of my Father prior to his
death. He had a vision or dream of him being caught up next to Mother in the "Rapture".
He told me that he couldn't understand how he could be at her grave and be caught up with
her. I guess it was just another sign or warning to us to prepare for his journey to Heaven. I completed this painting in 2019.
4) "The Second Coming" is going to take awhile with details of the description in the Bible
of Jesus return.  I finished this one also in 2019. This is more according to the bible of the description of how he would appear to earth on His return.
5) "The New Jerusalem" is not as vivid in my mind right now but I have done research on
the structure. I am thankful to say that this paintig was revealed and never dreamed that ny 4 year old greatgrand daughter would help me paint this painting. It now is very close to it being finished. There is a little twist to the finish of this painting as it will be arriving to the new Earth.
These things were given to me by the Lord to paint before the last stroke that put me in a
four month rehab to recover. Most of my memory was gone, ability to communicate and get
around like I had before. From the first of November 2013 to the first of March 2014, I
returned with my memory and that of the paintings that the Lord wants me to continue.
I praise the Lord for this and many other things that He has done for me this year.
I will add to this list and give you other stories of the earlier paintings that I did.
Thanks for reading and I hope to have some prices on copies of my paintings soon.


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