This is the introduction of a story that in time, I will get it uploaded for you all to

read. This is a story of a man who was in World War II. He dated a model. The man and the

model have already gone to be with Jesus. Just a couple of years ago, I took the book

down off the shelf that he had written and began to read. I ask daddy years ago about his

past. He told me that if you really want to know about my past then read my writings.

After he passed away a few years out, I have read some of his writings to find out a lot

of answers about his life in  World War II. When I picked up this book and started to

read it, I became curious of a lot of things in this book. I had remembered daddy saying

that before he met mother, he almost married someone else. Several times he spoke of this

woman and that she could have been my mother. So I went back in his World War II book,

that I had created from his things and had a lot of information to find a copy of a woman

on a magazine paper. So I looked up the name and became even more curious about this

lady. As I began to read the story of her life, this book had been written by my dad 9

years before anything was released online about her life. This woman's past was in this

book only altered to protect hers and his idenity. Does it bother me? Yes. I'm not going

to pursue my reasons for wanting to know more at this time. I'm simply going to present

this book as a beautiful love story. This was another part of my dad's life that was much

different than the man that raised me. He did't write this story until 2 years after

mother went to be with Jesus. After that time, he returned to the Caribbean. He writes

the story as if it was just a stranger that he met on a plane going to the Caribbean. I

know from family that my dad did date a model in World War II. Neither of the relatives

gave me much information on this so for now, I will write the story as he did. It's a

beautiful love story and this was probably a way of dealing with his loss of my mother.

There are several books that he wrote of other times in his life that somewhere in the

future or somewhere out there, I hope this book will be available for you all to read.


 It seems life and time sometimes changes things. No, I couldn't let this go. I think it

was more of a feeling that there was more to this story.

Somewhere out there and there is someone out there searching for answers. Do, I have

them? Only circumstantual evidence but that makes for a good book. I never realized how much evidence can pile up to seem to be the truth but wasn't. The stories that were told to me about this person that was somewhere out there was out there in the 40's. Then the circumstantial evidence kept on piling up until a DNA was necessary. So the match showed up that all along the truth was just that, the truth. There is someone out there still looking for answers. This is just another love story.

So for now, I will continue my investigation. Then, I will decide how the book will go. Either way it will be interesting to

check back with this story from time to time.

Meanwhile, go to the story "Thru The Mist." It is moving right along. I'm into Chapter 2 now.

I'm still investigating this story more to be able to give you a more acurate reading on "Somewhere Out There."


Investigation is complete and the evidence was found to be circumstantual evidence only. Now this writer can complete a beautiful love story of "Somewhere Out There".

There is someone, somewhere out there looking for answers. This story is only of a lonely man dreaming of a time in his past that was once dear to him. I know you will love this story because it lead me to find out about this story and its true connection to me. The evidence proved there was no connection to me other than my father's connection. Circumstantual evidence sometimes is just that. Information that sooner or later the truth will come out.

Get ready cause this is going to be a good story. Be patient seeing that this story is a very ruff draft.



Prelude to: "Somewhere Out There"

     I had lovingly settled my wife in a resting place on the side of a hill.

Her grave is under whispering pines overlooking a lake. Jesus will raise her

up from there some day. I was lonesome, alone, and brokenhearted. What was

life for anyway? How could anyone ever love again after losing a mate who was

made to the specifications of their heart?
     I was in the waiting room of the Atlanta airport when looking up from my

reading, there was a lady on crutches coming towards me. I stood up to assist

her. She was hauling a carry on bag and purse while trying to manipulate the

crutches at the same time. This was causing her to walk in a dangerously

unbalanced way. Concerned about her falling, to my surprise in a few seconds

she had regained her balance. As she came closer, my heart skipped a beat for

this lady was lovely, tall in statue, and her face had the finely chiseled

features of a person of Swedish descent. I felt guilty about the way she made

me feel for my heart was still married to my departed wife.
     As she approached, I wished that I was twenty years younger than my

seventy years. Any man would have taken a second look at her. The gentleman

that I am, helped her with her things and a place to sit.
     Something about this lady reminded me of a time in my late teens during

the war. Did, I know her? She was very familiar to me but was that just the

youth in me and her beauty hoping that I did.
     My mission was to stay focused on going to the Caribean to visit friends

and do some work for a mission school in St. Thomas. Now I had this

distraction of this lovely lady that I was sitting next to.
     Is this just a fluke of meeting up with the lovely lady or will more come

about with her in the story?