Undesirable Pain

I feel your pain
Although it's not the same,
You cry, and so do I
For you it's someone you saw die.

Are you told, don't cry
For who are they,
What right have they got to say
All I say is why did he have to die?

My friend it's not your fault
Each of us each day,
Has a choice
To make a new start.

I for myself
Lay in bed each night,
Thinking what did I do wrong
I get up suddenly to then try and write a song.

There is no song
To drive my pain away,
Only maybe a chance to see her
Like she was one day.

I wait each night
For her to text,
Please come get me
I'm tired and want to come home.

I've heard that so many times before
I'm only afraid someone else,
Will walk in that door
To tell me your girl ain't coming home no more.

Did you do something wrong?
Did I?
Did we do something right?
Did you?
It's all the same.
Undesirable Pain.

Betty Thomas 8-9-2019 @ 9:55 AM